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5 reasons why you should use ROSTEX door hardware

Company History

The origin of ROSTEX stretches back to the year 1925, when its small-scale operations were founded in the small Southern Moravian town of Vyškov under the name Železářský průmysl with a focus on the production of small metal goods. The tradition of its assortment manufactured today began in the beginning of the 30s, when the company began producing construction metalwork cast from brass and zinc alloy.

A significant milestone in the history of the company was certainly the year 1938 with the initiation of new technical manufacture of construction door hardware from stainless steel. To this day the company is the only producer of construction door hardware from stainless steel in the Czech Republic. The new ROSTEX trademark, which protected this type of door hardware, became a known entity among contractors until modern times.

In the course of subsequent years the company underwent a number of organizational changes. We recall at least its inclusion in the national company SANDRIK at the beginning of the 50s. In the year 1969 for its symbolic character the traditional ROSTEX trademark became the name of the company itself. As part of privatization in the year 1992 the state company was transferred to a private company..

Quality manufacturing

For more than 85 years ROSTEX has produced fittings exclusively for windows and doors. During this time it has obtained a great deal of experience with their manufacture and continually perfected their quality. ROSTEX currently uses modern manufacturing systems that perform a huge amount of work and thereby meet requirements for flexibility and production quality.

For casting zinc alloy products, pressure casting machines are used, and for forming stainless steel components hydraulic power is used. The final phase of production, however, still relies on the irreplaceable human hands of experienced ROSTEX workers, which give the product its final form. This method of manual finishing production is now a many-year practice and an important element in the manufacture of every ROSTEX product.

In the final phase of production, all products undergo a range of tests and inspections, thanks to which the maximum quality of the product is secured. Only with such a production process can the quality guarantee provided by ROSTEX be achieved. The high quality of this type of product is fundamental, as window fittings and door hardware are subject to relatively high strain during long-term use.

Manufacturing materials

It is true that there exist many interesting materials for the production of fittings. ROSTEX manufactures its products only from premium metals, as there is no better material for the production of quality door hardware and window fittings. Not even the best models from synthetic material would likely be capable of surviving everyday use without their core being made from metal reinforcing.

A popular material is stainless steel, which to the greatest extent meets our demanding requirements for functionality, utility value, compressibility, and low environmental impact. The practically indestructible stainless steel is particularly suitable for frequently used doors and windows in commercial buildings or social facilities. As far as the environment is concered, products from stainless steel are more than 50% recyclable.

Support during assembly

Even the highest quality door or window handles can become worthless due to improper processes during assembly. That is the main reason why our company designers are very careful to provide detailed assembly instructions for each product. The processes of assembly are always carefully and clearly described step by step in the assembly instructions.

The use of these perfect assembly instructions ensures that the ROSTEX fittings will meet all expected requirements. You obtain assembly instructions automatically with the purchase of any ROSTEX product. It also goes without saying that all ROSTEX products are equipped with drilling guides that ease a significant amount of the measuring work.

Price policy

One of the key criteria of ROSTEX products is its long-term durability. ROSTEX achieves this criteria by using  high-quality materials during manufacturing and conducting careful inspections; thanks to advanced engineering technology the original design is realised. Subsequently these facts are of course reflected in the pricing.

ROSTEX products cannot be cheap, because cheap materials are not used in their production. Customers will appreciate the ratio between the price and the equitable quality of the products. Our door and window handles provide their services for several years without need of replacement. A window or door handle also says a great deal about the owner who installed it, and for this reason the decision about window fittings and door hardware that will decorate your interior or exterior should not be taken without consideration.

As a general rule, your long-term satisfaction with a great product is more lasting than the one-day pleasure with a cheap purchase. And this is the reason which urges ROSTEX toward development and trade with products that have high value on the market.
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