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Choosing the right security fittings

How to buy the right security fittings
Before heading out to the shop, take certain important measurements of your existing fittings in order that you may replace them with pieces of matching dimensions and type.What the seller will most likely ask you
The spacing distance from the centre of the door lever to the centre of rotation of the cylinder (keys in the cylinder). Fittings with spacings of 72 mm, 90 mm and 92 mm are sold most commonly, with models with 88 mm or even 55 mm also appearing occasionally.

Thickness of the doors

which are to be fitted with the new fittings. This dimension is established for individual fitting models in the form of the interspace they should fit into. For example, this can be in the range of  40- 55 mm. Of course,  fittings for wider and narrower doors are produced as well.

Fittings with cylinder covering

Cylinder coverings significantly increase the security of the fittings. If you would like to install such fittings as a supplemental purchase without a corresponding new cylinder, you must measure at home whether your original won’t be too short on the external side. The covering is roughly a centimetre high, and if the cylinder below it is too deeply set, you would be unable to insert your key the entire way when unlocking and your door would not open. 

The difference between right and left door levers

the lateral orientation of your door levers is most easily defined according to the placement of the screws by which the door levers are mounted to the shaft end. If the screw (the so-called locking rod) is on the side of the lever collar, whether external or rather internal, this is a so-called “right-left” door lever which can be mounted on both sides of the door (if its shape permits). Sometimes, however, the locking rod is located from the bottom. Upon improper placement the locking rod will be on top, which does not look good.

Fitting construction

in the offerings of specialist firms you will most frequently encounter three types of security fittings - lever-lever, button–lever, and handle-lever. Here an important role is played by considering how often the doors are used/how frequently they are opened. For greater frequency the lever-lever construction is more practical.
Important notice– security is provided only when locked, it is not enough to merely shut the door!!!

Fitting finish

 nowadays a wide range of materials and finishes are presented on the market (aluminium, anodised aluminium, stainless,  matte stainless, chrome, titanium nitride and others).  The selection of the product depends entirely on the judgement of the customer.
All the criteria mentioned above are helpful for the basic orientation of the customer. Certainly the price will of course factor into the decision, and here on the market there is a rather large range of options. It is of course necessary to emphasizes that products from renowned manufacturers, products fully certified, and products with impeccable design and perfect craftsmanship have their own worth, utility value and it is necessary to bear this in mind when making a purchase.
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